what i've been up to

so here's a small and obtuse peek into my life as of late...
white light
for a while now i've been dyeing silk and learning different shibori techniques. i've realized that i'll do just about anything to play with color and poison at the same time, it's what i end up doing at the finish line of any endeavor one way or another. so far i've only wrecked my favorite leather flats and dyed my hand bright red once. i've done worse... like the time i almost died because i refused to wear gloves for months while handling solvents in the printmaking lab in college, that was smart. because of that basically anything short of death is a victory at this point. since i don't want to lose the ability to work in another medium i like, this time it's all rubber gloves and dust masks. fucking glamour, but so worth it. the things i'm pumping out of this crazy glass jar are pretty superb.

it's still fairly abstract, but sooner than later i'm going to have some lovely pieces for sale and it's super exciting. i can't wait to show you all what i've been doing this winter!

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