uzo is 3 years old!!!

uzo is three!!! today is uzo's birthday! so far he's gotten to lounge in the sun, on the deck and cuddle under a blanket. we went for a mini-walk, he got bits of cheese and tomato and was subjected to this photo shoot with his awesome solo cup birthday hat. his hat has a bit of a long story origin, but basically my mom made it for a photo-op to text me last year because we weren't with him on his birthday which was sad, and as you can see it's AMAZING/RIDICULOUS so i kept it. on his most notable of third birthdays it seemed only fitting to add a new year to his fancy birthday hat and make sure he still thinks it's scary a year later. like how he's leaning away from it? is it wrong that i think this is ridiculously funny and adorable? later we're going to take him to the park, give him a special food treat and let him pick a toy at the puppy store down the street. the day is young!

i think i may like his birthday more than i like my own, i love making an extra nice day for him since he makes all my days extra nice. plus there's a birthday hat involved, that's always a good sign. happy birthday big man!

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