yo GUYS!

so yeah, ain't nothin' blog-able happening over here recently... but this happened!

my parents came to visit and being normal humans they like various tourist crap (independence hall? what's that?). so, db and i secretly conspired to take them to the art museum which has the steps rocky runs up in the movie because that's FUN tourist crap. as if the steps aren't enough, now they've put in this ridiculous and amazingly funny statue to... commemorate? (?) that historical event. SO FUNNY! i went to take their pic and someone behind me was like "do you want to be in it?" well, hell yes!

now maybe i should watch the movie since i played the music in marching band for 4 years and have now been photographed with his (life sized, obv) likeness. have a great weekend and go do something ridiculous won't you?


  1. Absolutely LOVE the photo!
    You rock! Or is that Rocky?!?

    1. mom, i cannot believe you commented AS MOM! i laughed so hard when i saw this i could barely deal with it. and WE ALL ROCK, obv.