baker's doz: i made a box bag, i must have a problem.

WHITE LIGHT box bag!
tada! i made a friggen box bag. why? I BARELY KNOW. this is just what happens sometimes when i can't fall asleep fast enough. laying in bed pondering how i'm going to find a sweater-in-progress sized box bag in a print i like while also thinking about how i should be more resourceful (one of my 2013 goals). then my mind wandered to "huh, i bet i could make one, it would be exactly what i want, would cost like $6 total and i have all the supplies except a standard zipper....." then the 2am iphone box bag tutorial hunt began.

so, it was easy. a bit fidgety for some parts and i did something horrifying to my sewing machine that i didn't realize was possible while trying to do the inside near the zip tab. there will be no attempting to sew through 6 layers of canvas, two layers of quilting cotton and both sides of a strip of bias tape in my machine's future. besides that it basically made itself like a middle school home-ec project. ruler, fabric, scissors, done. i had to hand sew the bias tape on after the machine ate it because i broke the only needle that works in my old as dirt (but best dirt ever) sewing machine, but i had neon thread! it ended up looking cooler than if my machine had just done as commanded anyways. don't you love when disaster turns into something amazing? it's the story of my life and i love it.

now the color! seriously, i dyed it and it came out better than i was hoping for. i was shooting for "i just was attacked by a field full of ripe strawberries" and i think i nailed it. the lining is a scrap of my fave fabric of all time. super clash but who cares? i made it myself for myself, no need to be tasteful... i'm not fooling anyone.
wip view
my in progress project's view. like the neon/bias tape situation? obviously the only correct answer is yes.
action shot
it works! so everyone, do you want me to write up a tutorial? i made a hybrid version of the ones i found and i'm pretty sure it's the best/easiest way AND i made a formula to figure out fabric dimensions for any sized bag. oh math, who the hell knew i'd only use you for fun? high school me would be absolutely shocked.

exterior - Robert Kaufman Organic Canvas Deluxe - hand dyed by WHITE LIGHT (more details on that soon!)
lining - Mum Toss by Martha Negley for Rowan - i can't find the teal for sale anymore, bummer.
finished dimensions are 10.5Lx6Wx5D"


  1. A tutorial please! I've almost made one of these a few times and I'd like the best/easiest = bestest? way possible. Your strawberry annihilation and big floral is a great combo!

  2. Oooh I am definitely interested in a tutorial! Box bags seem kind of terrifying, haha.

  3. alright sounds good! i'll get a tutorial up here as soon as i can, wish me luck finding the crazy needles my machine needs :)

  4. You've got my vote for a tutorial too- especially for how you dyed the fabric! It's almost too cool to exist. :)
    Is + Was