nothing quite like fouling out my camera with some mega-saturated valentine's day colors! i made this scarf just for today and it came out beyond awesome, i love messing with color in every medium ever. everything i'm wearing except my shirt is pink, so i'm wearing my heart on my whole self, just not my sleeve. please tell me i'm not the only one that does this.

today i got my first ever video message, it kind of blew my mind. i didn't know you could even do that, i love living in the future! i got to see my valentine even though he's across the ocean! how magical is that? so fucking rad. i could really just go to bed now because after living real life star wars i doubt my day can get cooler, but i'm all about cramming as much awesome into every second of my life as possible... sleep is for suckers. so for the rest of my day, i'm going to cuddle with my little brown puppy valentine and watch stupid girly movies while eating the chocolate covered strawberries my awesome second family sent me as a surprise. i'm so feeling the love! maybe i'll even go get a drink down the street with strangers later. who the hell knows what weird thing i'm going to do next! make some more cute valentines? yup. maybe i'll bring one to the bar and make friends with the waitstaff.

i hope you guys all have a ridiculously pink and awesome valentine's day!

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