baker's doz: vogue 9486

vogue 9486
so this is happening.

every february i start pretending it's spring and day dreaming about what the good weather will be like. there will be green back in the world, the breeze will be warm, the birds will come back... basically everything will be awesome. i pretend like my days will consist solely of laying in grass, smelling good smells and feeling the world on my skin. goddamnit winter, GO AWAY.

anyways, i think my desperately wanting to make this skirt right now has a lot to do with that. this amazing vintage fabric is like summer in a print and i've been wanting to use it for a while. sometimes it's dangerous to use such cool fabric, what if what i make turns out horrible? wrap skirts are a pretty safe bet though, so if it turns out i even have enough, it's turning into this. they always fit perfectly, a bow and pockets are involved, and hopefully i'll wear it more than a dress... which would be accomplished by wearing it like 3 times a year.

summer park picnics here i come.

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