zzzzinnias zzzzzinnias zzzinnias
zinnias are the best. my parents have always had totally rad gardens and one in particular has tons of zinnias. when i lived there (and in providence) i'd always nab one for my fave vase that db gave me. they were so hardy and so cool looking you only needed one. well it's zinnia season and i am far from their garden (hence my deck flower choices), but in our adventures this weekend these just so happened to enter my life because db is awesome and I LOVE THEM. aren't the colors amazing? literally, now that we have more than one room where we live, i take them around the house wherever i'm working or sitting so i get to look at them the maximum amount.

silly but whatever, i'll never be the girl that takes a bouquet of flowers for granted. life is short and i'm going to cram as many flowers into mine as possible.

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