mini garden

here it is, us beautifying our deck in the city. from left there's oregano, basil, zinnias, a day lily, and more zinnias. i got enough pots to also plant greens, mint (cocktails!) and parsley because home depot didn't have those but i don't know where else to buy plants around here. it's a little late in the season for veggies but i've got plans for next year, big tomato, pea and strawberry themed plans.
here's the before pic, taken right before i got dirt all over myself.
my uncontrollable excitement was only rivaled by how quickly the heat killed the flowers. i moved them to the shade... hopefully they'll make it. they're supposed to be full sun so the thought of them getting fried immediately hadn't occurred to me. the herbs on the other hand are lovin' life. i hope i manage to find more herb plants before the season is beat, i found this really cool little article about how to preserve them if you can't use them all quickly enough that will totally make cooking post growing season more fun.

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