knit knit knit

besides the perpetual stupid necessary things one has to think about, my mind is just clogged with things i wish i had time to be knitting. a pair of socks for dillon, which non-fingering weight sweater to knit for myself next once i finally finish the one i'm working on (sooo close!), what pattern to use to knit up the gorgeous cerulean/emerald colored silk and merino hand painted yarn my mom bought me 3 hanks of last fall... it's endless. i really could continue that list but i'll spare you, not to mention the dress patterns i have the fabric picked out for and no time to sew. the only way i'd be able to sit and knit or sew during the day would be to have a BEYOND fabulous little yarn store downtown and it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon. so sad! it's hard being a twenty something trying to get life under control and being an old lady at heart, there's not enough time to do anything simple and fun.


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