bring the outside in

it's lovely spring out there and i've been bummin' about not having a yard or any outdoor space at all. it looks as though that's not going to change anytime soon, so i'm forced to figure out how to make indoor city spaces more airy and light feeling... less far removed from nature i guess. i decided that things that keep the space from feeling too still are the best, movement keeps me from feeling too locked up. super light sheer curtains that move in the breeze and let tons of natural light in and plants, lots and lots of plants. i think the more delicate the plant the better too, it'll be more likely to react when you walk by or a breeze blows in the window. i wish i could just sit in the yard but until then i think curtains and plants will be the best bet. fingers crossed our next place will have a little porch or mini yard though, that would be amazing.

top pic is from kazu and amedeo of blonde redhead's apt as shot for domino

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