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mom's fingerless Having an overly eventful 2015 so far, but that hasn't stopped the knitting. Well it just now stopped the knitting, so I'll just blog about past knitting instead. Very rarely am I miserable enough to not be driven to make one thing or another, so here I sit watching my movie version sedatives and breaking in a pair of clogs. Breaking in hard leather counts as work… right? Bloody ankles unite. Using the law of attraction for ice cream.

Anyways, I finally finished the gloves I started for my mom two years ago and then promptly churned out a fingerless pair, too. The yarn was so ridiculously MOM I couldn't help myself, plus she has an iPhone now and needs those fingertips. These are made from a men's convertible mitten pamphlet pattern I bought years ago, before I even knew how to use dpns or knit in the round. That's how I tend to learn though, Db wants something I have no idea how to make and then I learn how to make it. Now this pattern has spawned EIGHT pairs of gloves over the years! These look kind of big and inelegant but that's just because my mom's hands are larger than mine, they fit her just fine. Oh the things you can do with a craft store pattern, a little ingenuity and a lot of math.

Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky - Holi Festival
Mission Falls 1824 Wool (discontinued) - Basil
mom's gloves mom's fingerless mom's gloves

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