dirty doz: aeris!!!

Untitled Does anyone else's crafting go in cycles of feast and famine? Since the first of the year I've finished FOUR projects! I almost don't want to blog about all of them because it's just knitting, knitting, knitting and a little more knitting on here lately. I will though, I just need to take pics first. Kind of making up for lost time when I was traveling for six months I guess.

So totally ignoring those four newly finished projects, I'm currently in love with my newest in progress project, Aeris! It's a really cool worsted weight asymmetrical shawl with texture and a bit of lace. The pattern was for sale only as part of a kit at first, but finally it was released for us plebeians who don't like buying kits (or already have a massive stash and need to use it) a few weeks ago. My cousin Alice gifted me the PDF for my birthday this year and I love it! Waking up and checking the internet to discover a new knitting endeavor? Hell yes. Thanks Alice!

Last summer my mom and I went to Maine to hit up Freeport and Halcyon Yarn. I always LOVE Swans Island yarns but they're so damn expensive retail. Being made in the USA and organically processed definitely makes working with it that much more rewarding, I like treading lightly. I picked one skein up to make a little cowl and my mom matched it so I could make something bigger and more luxurious, thanks mom! I scoured Ravelry for shawl patterns, saw this one and saved the yarn until it was released. It's so funny this should happen, because two years ago when Alice sent me a birthday pattern I used some wicked fancy yarn I'd been given by my mom and had waiting for the perfect project, too.

So far so good! The pattern is pretty easy, I'm loving how the yarn feels and the lilac has the most subtle variegation. Dare I say this might turn out looking classy? SHIT! Time to cast on something gaudy and neon!!!


  1. I love all your neon knittings, mainly because I'd love to suit bright colours like you do but for me it would need a certain amount of bravery to pull them off :D
    Love the shawl though it's nice that not all shawls have to be knitted in 4 ply lol! xx

  2. Looks great so far. I truly enjoy the birthday pdf tradition!