dirty doz '14: year of the sock I guess?

Untitled As I was updating my list of projects this year after casting on these lovely socks realized that the vast majority are either neckwear or footwear. What happened to sweater knitting?! I think there must have just been a little too many large, stockinette projects in a row that left me wanting solely instant gratification. Also not hurting, they're small projects which are easy to tote around while traveling and made with needles that will definitely be allowed on planes.

Therefore, lots of socks.

Earlier this year I made the first pair for myself which turned out much too large, then made toe-less ones for yoga which came out a smidge too tight. All year I've experimented with heels, toes, needle size and finally after all that skill building and preference gathering I've jumped into a hopefully well fitting, aesthetically pleasing, pleasurable to knit sock. I really can't estimate how  many toes and heels I've pulled out this year, I feel like I owe it to myself to make a pair of socks I'm satisfied with. These are knit top down using numbers I formulated and a pattern I came up with myself, kind of a patchwork of different patterns and techniques. The stitch pattern is broken linen stitch, and I got the idea to make a pair of socks with it because of this pattern. Broken linen stitch is a good, lofty texture and I imagine (or hope really) that it will be warm and soft like thermal knits.

So far so good. These pics are from knitting outside at Yarndale this past weekend. Oh man, that was insane. So many handknits in one place! So much AMAZING British wool. More on that later this week!


  1. Completely Awesome Laura, you go girl, that stitch looks beyond wonderful. Figuring out patterns, putting it all together, tremendous and spectacular. I'm making yet another Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket in Mini Moochi, really pretty pastel colors because it is for a girl, my 5th (Baby Surprise that is) or so. The yarn splits and is giving me fits, but that's OK because it is turning out so nicely. It's finally cooling off, good weather for knitting, although another heat wave is forecast for this weekend. Leaving tomorrow, driving to San Francisco to go to a massive gathering in Golden Gate Park, a free 3 day concert called "Hardly, Strictly Bluegrass". Should be rad!!! Also, going to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit, 5 massive pieces, on display at Alcatraz, the prison island. Then a Gillian Welch concert in Santa Barbara on Sunday, I know, Too much fun. Yarndale must have been really neat.

    1. You have so much awesome stuff planned for this week! Ai Wei Wei on Alcatraz sounds like it's going to be quite the experience! I'm happy it's finally cooling off for you down there, knitting season is on! Have fun on your adventure, it sounds like it's going to be a really cool one :)