dirty doz '14: not so little baby sweater

Untitled Knitting. It's that thing I probably don't go a day without doing at some point, but have minimal to show for it over the past 3 months. Honestly, I'm not sure how the British do it. I can barely get my pants to dry in less than 3 days, even after programming the drier to run for an hour. A family of four is the only way anyone could consume a whole loaf of bread here before it turns to 90% mold.

Basically, I'm absolutely horrified to block anything here.

That doesn't mean I haven't been churning things out though! One of my best friends is expecting her first babe any day now, so what better occasion to knit something ridiculous? They didn't want to know the gender and she isn't into pastels so why not RAINBOW? The ultimate baby gender neutral! I'm knitting up Baby Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker with a Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball (I have always wanted an excuse to use one). The pattern itself is pretty decent so far, but I really think I should have swatched… this is turning out a bit larger than anticipated. On the other hand, I know nothing about baby clothes and maybe it's supposed to be this size and I just can't tell. I've never knit a baby garment before OR dressed a baby so who knows. The yarn seems like it could be a little rough for baby skin so I'm making it short-ish sleeved so it can be a top layer, just in case, but I'm sure it will soften up once washed. Either way, it looks wild so far and I think Db is jealous and wants his own absurd cardigan. Not sure why I have such a strong tendency to dress babies like stylish 60 year old hippie women...

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