uzo is four!!!

Untitled Little dude is the best! Today we went for a walk, laid in the sun and he got a fancy treat from the pet store down the street when Db got home. Lucky for him it's super warm out so he get's to lay on the deck, tanning, and to people watch at the park. I always try to make sure that his birthday is the best day and he gets to do all his favorite things because he deserves it. He's such a champ! He's more of a lounge in nature dog than a city dog, but he definitely seems to make the best of it here, pooping in piles of leaves whenever possible, barking at everything and endless sniffing on walks. He totally loves the small dog park we take him to on weekends too. It's cute to the point of constant giggles, I'm almost embarrassed about how much I like going myself.

He doesn't know it, but his life is about to get a whole lot more awesome. As of yesterday I am now working in my studio full time and he's not going to need to be crated for hours and hours while I'm at work anymore! He finally gets to be a full time studio dog. Four is going to be a good year! Little dude is my absolute favorite, I hope he likes his birthday right down to this silly annual birthday hat photo shoot!


  1. Happy Birthday Uzo.
    (How old is 4 in dog years?)
    The vet used to tell us, our Dachshund was an "indiscriminate eater", (pretty easy to figure out... that is a nice way to say, your dog will eat s__t whenever possible!).
    Working full time in the studio sounds wonderful, a dream come true.
    Plus, more time for canning, knitting, sewing, reading, watching great movies, traveling, camping and, best of all, tasting different beers.


    1. He's still JUST younger than me I think :) and he is also without question an "indiscriminate eater"! I have big plans for full time studio work, I am SO excited!!!