dirty doz '14: hipster not-sock socks

Untitled Cushy camp socks. Warm ankles and something interesting to look at sticking out the top of your boots. nice right? Only you can't actually wear thick, wonderful socks with leather boots you want to wear with regular thin socks, too. So, legwarmers! I was kinda bummed I couldn't rock the whole cool-socks-sticking-out-of-your-boots look with my favorite boots because I didn't want to stretch them out and relegate them only to thick sock usage. They're booties, I'm not one to stop wearing boots in the summer. This was the perfect solution! Now I can throw down some extra crazy when dressing myself while giggling in the morning. No one takes that shit seriously right? HAVE FUN. Wear fake thick socks with your boots made from the most epic pee and dust colored yarn you can find and then walk outside and laugh about it while enjoying your warm ankles.
 Knowing that this pattern turned out a little big for me on size 0 needles I made these with size 1s so they'd be sufficiently slouchy. I used twisted rib for both top and bottom and a sewn bind-off so the edge would be stretchy. Also buyer beware of this color for larger projects, the color pooling is super obvious and repetitive even on scrunched tiny legwarmers. I don't mind because really, it's not that important, but I'd have been pretty bummed if I had other plans for this yarn. Malabrigo is kinda bad about that I think.

Charade by Sandra Park
Malabrigo Yarn Sock - Turner

And here's how we got Uzo out of that last picture…
Making all the bitches swoon.

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