dirty doz '14: socks are knitting crack

Before I was even done knitting my Charade socks I knew I wanted to make another pair because the pattern was so nice to knit. I had this ball of Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love Sock just chillin' and already balled from slightly over a year ago when I was knitting my Grace cardigan, so it seemed perfect for a little "use what you have" knitting. I've been doing more yoga and since I always have very cold feet I decided to make some yoga socks to keep my feet and ankles warm in the winter. So far so good, these work up so fast! I've also been trying to not buy any yarn because I have a self inflicted finite amount of space for my stash. Warm feet, more yoga, yarn stash reduction, more $ for bike parts, this is a win all around so far. Hopefully they turn out!

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