I LOVE snow. LOVE IT. I will never ever grow out of it, I even loved it when I had a car to clean off. Today when I threw open the blinds and saw this amazing Philly blizzard I cheesed like an idiot and then put on my snow camouflage outfit with glee (seriously, I was giggling to myself), put on Uzo's cutest sweater and went outside. He's not so into it, I actually carry him around in the snow because he's so low to the ground hence his leash dangling in this picture… but it's fucking cute. I'm going to make as many small trips as I can today just so I can be outside; first one was for a hoagie, next up is The Foodery for a beer then who knows, maybe I'll just walk around aimlessly taking more snow pictures with no destination. Snow in the city is my favorite, I feel just like the little kid in The Snowy Day.

I hope you guys are all having as much fun in it as me!

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