dirty doz '14: monstrous cowl

Monster cowl
As I'm sure you could surmise from my last finished project, after casting it off I needed to knit something that met three requirements. One, instant gratification, two, instant gratification and three, NOT stockinette. As you can see, this meets all three. It's going to be Joan of Arc by Saskia de Feijter and I'm using Malabrigo Yarn Chunky Merino in Water Green. I can't wait to finish it, I think it'll be the perfect absurdly large thing to wear because that's my jam. Big and crazy. Hey, maybe I'll even add fringe and pompoms if I'm feeling particularly insane. It'll be the perfect wacky thing to wear when riding my bike around the city, I figure I can't look any more crazy right? May as well make people (and myself) laugh. I love wearing funny things.


  1. Ooh i made a gigantic cowl out of this color in regular malabrigo, and it's pretty awesome. I LOVE this color!

    1. I've got another cowl this color too! It's practically neutral so it goes with everything right? It adds a little sneaky oomph to winter dreariness :)