fancy new O.D. iphone case!

iphone case
whilst at work my trusty iphone 4 was stolen. long story short, i ran down the street and found the thief and her friend getting into a running car with two men and still failed to retrieve it. i confronted her but didn't get all crazy like i wanted to, what if they had a gun! running car full of confirmed criminals wasn't worth the risk. people tend to kill each other a lot more here than back in providence, i didn't want to get shot over a stupid phone. so the bitch got off with my pictures and my awesome case!

i was a medium sport about the whole thing, no use crying over something that already happened right? i was super pissed but it's not like being upset about it would get me my phone back. i spent a few days amusingly phoneless then finally dragged my sorry ass to the att store and got an iphone 5 (fancy! however i can no longer yell at my phone pretending my siri is ignoring me). my last casemate custom case was pretty rad, it only cracked from being dropped after almost an entire year and the printing stayed on there pretty well too. it was totally a good enough case to get again. plus it turned out to be surprisingly useful to have a piece from my portfolio as my case. when people asked me to describe my paintings i could just pull out my phone and show them.

last time i got one made with a pic of my favorite painting, so this time i got one made with my other fave! i gave this painting to my dad because he really liked it and he's a hard guy to get a reaction from about art. when he told me it was his favorite, it didn't matter that it was also my favorite, i gave it to him right then and it's still up in my parents' living room. now that it's on my phone i get to see it too. pretty cool.

here's the link to case mate if you want to make one too, they're way awesome. what would you put on it?

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