2012 dirty dozen SUCCESS!!! part 2 of 4

dirty dozen recap number two, happy tuesday!

all info will be below the pic i'm writing about. if you want more details on the projects click here.

number four
pink herringbone wool maxi skirt!
butterick 4067 is that a heart button?
db thought it was cool i wanted to actually finish 12 things and he gave me this gorgeous wool for my birthday so i could make this as one of them. honestly, the wool is prettier in real life than i even thought it would be. this pattern came together so well i'm planning on making another in 2013 out of a plaid and in an awkward midi length. who wants to be attractive anyways?
pattern- butterick 4067 - from the 70s
fabric- dorr woolen mills - rose herringbone
new things- successful 'invisible zipper to seam it was hidden in' join, getting pockets to lie flat, making up a lining

number five
short row sweater!
short row adventure!
my parents gave me a webs gift card for christmas and i spent at least part of it on the fancy ass yarn for this sweater. merino, cashmere and silk, it is SO soft! i'm kind of still in love with cropped things, and i already bought the yarn to make another of these. it's frivolous, that's fine. this came together just in time to wear for easter which was perfect because my vavó and aunt always gave me money to buy something nice to wear special for easter when i was younger and i was excited to be like "look! i look nice on my own too now!"
pattern- purl soho short row sweater
yarn- madelintosh pashmina - calligraphy
new things- short rows. so. easy.

number six
neon lace knit bandana scarf thing!

you may or may not know i'm into riding my bike around, not into my assets showing when i'm leaned over riding said bike around, that i'm all about things that keep my neck warm, that i like neon colors and that knitting is obviously the best way to combine everything into one great pile of awesome... so i knit this. it's great for wearing to keep warm, to be seen while i'm riding (yay neon!), to cover my semi-modest self and to knit something with no guilt. it was my first go at lace and i wear it constantly still. it got carried around in my bike bag all day today actually, and it also makes an amazing dog blanket when uzo is cold. this is totally the surprise most useful thing i made last year.
pattern- simple things by mary-heather cogar
yarn- madelinetosh tosh sock - edison bulb
new things- lace

more tomorrow...

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