2012 dirty dozen SUCCESS!!! part 1 of 4

oh sweet victory! sweet sweet victory. i actually accomplished my 2012 goal of 12 projects from start to finish... only i actually made 15. i don't have decent pics of all of them, but i'll still try to get them all. here goes! all info will be below the pic i'm writing about. this post would be way way too long if i did all 15, so i'm splitting it into a few smaller ones :) if you want more details on the projects click here.

number one
wiksten tank!

made from some of my favorite fabric of all time. finished just in time to wear on my supremely drab birthday. this picture is in the last minutes of me being 26, wearing this colorful thing on a grey january day of working late DEFINITELY helped. it's good for laying under cardis but isn't so great on it's own, the straps are just a little too modest for me. that's perfect though, winter needs it's color and fun too.
pattern- wiksten tank
new things- bias seaming

number two
not this exact sweater!
i knit a blue version of this sweater pattern for my mom for her birthday. i literally can't find a picture of her wearing it (since my computer was dropped and my photos aren't all un-corruptable), but just imagine it, it was a royal blue version with my mom in it instead of me being a goofball.
pattern- oatmeal pullover by jane richmond
yarn- quince and co. puffin - river
new things- knitting an entire sweater for someone other than myself

number three
db's fab fingerless gloves!
no pics of anything for this one either. i realize now that i'm typing this that i'm in the bad habit of being too excited to give people their knit gifts to properly document them... maybe i'll have him model them for me and i'll update this post later :/
pattern- made it up!
yarn- mission falls 1824 wool (discontinued) in pistachio

projects four through 6 tomorrow, they all have pics i promise!

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