dirty doz: slight disaster = new orange cardigan

well, i have't been having many adventures lately because db has been traveling for work and then we've both been sick for almost two weeks. nothing even remotely exciting has been going on, it's lame.

while in that time i could have easily finished my orange cardigan for thanksgiving, instead i tried it on when i cast off the body, it was too big and i very painfully pulled out a month of work to start over in a smaller size. normally i'm a champ about yanking stuff out but for whatever reason this particular one bummed me out enough to not start over right away. WELL, that turned out well because jane richmond (the designer of georgia which was the pattern i had just pulled out) released another sweater pattern named grace practically the second my sweater had been ganked. luckily, not only is it gorgeous, but it uses the same weight yarn as the georgia. sooo, i'm knitting the new pattern instead of re-knitting georgia. i've never really done lace before, but melissa from miso crafty knits told me the lace section was easy peasy so here i am... knitting the most horrifying thing i've ever tried. so far so good but definitely not going to be done in time for thanksgiving like the original plan. so, as to still wear something cute and exciting on thanksgiving i'm sewing a dress. it's going to be nasty cute i shit you not.

hopefully the weather will be good enough for pics this weekend, i made something fabulous two weeks ago but since then it hasn't stopped hurricane-ing or nor'easter-ing so there's no photo evidence yet. i must be so pale, i haven't seen the sun for longer than 3 minutes at a time in three weeks.

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