dirty doz: cardigan for thanksgiving

georgia ... which we will be spending alone :/ at least i'll look cute while cooking vegetarian feast for two and a small dog.

this is yarn is currently in the form of a 33% done cardigan! it's my first time using sweet georgia tough love sock and i kind of like it, it's surprisingly springy for a yarn with some nylon in it. i usually go for 100% wool yarns because they have amazing spring and natural fibers are just better at everything. the last yarn i used with this 80% wool/20% nylon mix was uzo's first w├╝rstwarmer and knitting with it was totally not fun. it was like lifeless string with zero elasticity and not as soft as i would have liked. i gave this yarn a chance because everyone seems to love it and i also am desperately in need of a beater cardigan. the nylon will add some armor to this thing so it can take some abuse because let's be real, i am a known clothing abuser. i wear my clothes into the ground, seriously, and the longer that takes the better. if the nylon will help keep socks from wearing out so i bet it'll make a cardi last forever. isn't the color rad? it's the new color pumpkin. very fall approp but also a hint ridiculous looking, obviously my scene.

the pattern i'm using is jane richmond's georgia. i wanted to make this as soon as she released it but couldn't decide on a color and knitting an entire sweater out of skinny ass sock yarn was not particularly appealing. after banging out a few pretty cool projects it's not so intimidating and now i'm super excited about it. it's also the perfect train project for my trip up north this weekend for two weddings. TWO! db calculated there will be 17 hours of driving in 3 days and i'll also be taking a 5 hour train ride. i guess that's what happens when you have friends in massachusetts and new hampshire and you move to pennsylvania. wish us luck!

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