woods, coldness, meteors, falling water and the usa's mascot

large grow-y things
this weekend db, uzo and i ran off into the woods for a camping adventure. we decided at like 11am on saturday that this is what we should do and just went and did it. we went to the delaware water gap and set up our tent under these large grow-y things and drank beer i smuggled into the campsite rolled up inside all my shirts. we made a pretty legit fire and ate leftover udon noodles with "piss chopsticks" db whittled out of twigs he found at our campsite. it was awesome. then we shivered while staring at the sky waiting for the moon to set so we could see the Orionids at their peak. it was pretty cool, we saw a few good ones before shivering our way into the tent. 40 degrees, uzo was not pleased.
raymondskill falls
in the morning, we got up and drove to raymondskill falls which are the biggest falls in pennsylvania. it was really really cool. i have pictures of the actual falls but none are good enough! you're going to have to take my word for it they they were pretty big. let's just say if you fell in and went down them you would totally die at some point before getting to the calm part of the river. there was mist shooting everywhere and they were really loud. uzo was still not pleased, he's super scared of water. he did like the rock hoping on the trail though.
mystery cave
on our way to dillonskill falls, lauraskill falls (a drainage pipe) and uzoskill falls we discovered a mystery cave! uzo was into it. it was really cool, possibly my favorite cave ever considering there was no sign of spiders in it and in general it was pretty badass.

after finishing our cool adventures we were like "i'm hungry, but the food in the city is the best so let's pull into a gas station and buy mini-pies to hold us over" AND SAW A BALD EAGLE. yes, just flying above a freaking gas station! it was awesome. i think i scared uzo by screaming about it and gesturing wildly so db wouldn't miss it. worth it! what the eagle was doing flying around such a lame area i don't know, i always imagined them living in 100' pine trees in pristine wilderness, not keeping watch over podunk america. i guess bald eagles are all about the whole country, not just the parts away from people. either way, we got to see it and it was awesome. weekend success.

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