i'm not just a supply hoarder, i swear. i waited and deliberated long and hard on buying these fabrics and, in the end, i decided that they would be a good investment in my vintage, small american designer and handmade by me only wardrobe. also, i survived my lovely friend's wedding without ever losing my cool which was tricky when dealing with so many totally different people. being a maid of honor is fucking hard! so i earned a treat, yes, like a dolphin that does a trick... only in an expensive pink dress. the two dresses i make from these fabrics will still be less than 1/4 the price of my bridesmaids dress. guilt? i feel it not.

if you are equally in love with these fun treats i found them on purl soho. the dark fabric is free spirit: chicopee and the yellow one is cloud9: simpatico. the cloud9 is extra rad because it's 100% organic cotton. the silver bellocq tea strainer was a happy accident,  i'd been looking for a nice one since ours broke in the move. i could only find ones with plastic parts and plastic doesn't belong in food. so when i saw, i snatched. they have brass also.

these fabrics have too-pretty-to-cut written all over them, how will i do it? ...probably beer

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