dirty doz: barely fun anymore because i'm kicking this challenge's ass!

uzo being cute as ush.
as suspected, i finished these guys yesterday. i can kind of see myself wearing them constantly. flash and sass people, who wants to blend in with the concrete of a city or the drear of winter in general anyways? plus anything that facilitates relative comfort while wearing dresses and skirts in the winter is fine by me.

some cloudy day legwarmers
madelinetosh tosh sock in grapefruit
fab hound dress
cute dog c/o db and lots of treat money (tomatoes and strawberries are the way to buy his loyalty)

i've made pickles, legwarmers, popsicles, dog sweaters and numerous other random things i could easily buy, what other random pointless mischief will i get myself up to next?


  1. I love these! The color is PERFECT!

    1. thanks! i'm sort of obsessed with this color, i can't find more though!