a tide pool

true art
sometimes i have very mixed feelings about art. i believe beauty is one of the most important and magical things we can experience in life and that artists are doing something selfless in creating beauty to share with the world. but then on the other hand, what can any human possibly create that could be more beautiful than the things we see in nature? nothing. it's impossible. it's almost to the point of "why bother making art?"

it's sad that art isn't appreciated in our time. we've done a pretty good job of ignoring and destroying the beauty around us in nature for quite a while, we are losing the magic of our environment and the human experience by letting it happen. art is more important now than it's been in thousands of years because we need to make up for the beauty lost in the ruining of our gorgeous planet. spreading beauty is hugely important, that is why we should bother making art. we may not be able to as individuals save the things in nature we love or be the next DaVinci, but we can as individuals take little steps to add what beauty we're capable of making into the world around us. dress colorfully, write a note on a bench, tie a bow to something on the street instead of throwing your scraps of yarn away. it doesn't take a lot.

beauty is something free that everyone on earth should value and have access to, it's becoming a sad place here that so few can see that. i'm not saying only the tallest mountain or most famous fresco should count, i just wish everyone could smile as they watch a shadow change or look at a tide pool and see the most beautiful painting ever created.

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