chain surfinggg

chain surfing chain surfing chain surfing
why? because we're adults and we can do whatever we want.

my brother came to visit this weekend and while we did some pretty cool actual adventures like going to the mütter museum and riding our bikes everywhere and getting rained on, somehow chain surfing was the pastime of choice. we went to this chain more than once every day he was here. take uzo for a walk... past the chain, walk home from the bar... past the chain, going to miss your train... let's go to the chain first anyways. we even had team chain surfing. only one serious digger (it was me of course, and i made it look good apparently) and by yesterday we'd gotten pretty good.

there's going to be a lot more freestyle aggressive chain surfing in our future, there's already been talk about how to build our own haha. knarlyyy!

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