the lily that i failed to kill

the lazarus lily
three days after buying this day lily plant, in the 100 degree heat it dropped every single one of it's maybe 20 buds. i wish i'd known it was as sensitive to being dry for one second as a gardenia before that had happened. with no hope of having it flower again this summer i watered it well and often so next summer it would come back and look at how it thanked me! one single glorious flower a month and a half after almost killing it. it was awesome. i saw it developing for almost a week and didn't want to jinx it by saying it out loud but would gesture to db wildly and be like "notice anything especially fantastic right now?" while looking at it and doing the groucho eyebrows in it's direction. the day it bloomed db arranged our deck chairs pointing at it for dinner and we just dorked out about it while eating burritos. it was lovely, plants are so cool.

happy weekend! and more dirty doz updates next week... along with some rad bike related fabulousness. maybe i should rename this blog "yarn, bikes, plants, pickles and pictures with my dog in them".

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