i'm starting a series of my hands, because really, what haven't i gotten on them? today's little fabulousness? imitation silver leaf. apparently the act of crumbling it gets it stuck to things, things like fingers. i also have a pretty rad pic of when i was squeezing a tube of glitter paint at work and literally crushed it and it exploded in my hand and everywhere else nearby and another of the first muddy day after the kids went outside at school. i have no idea how i make such a mess of myself constantly, but today after the silver leaf incident since i'm so used to "dirty" hands i kind of just function with them if it's not something unhygienic involved, i pet uzo... and i had a fucking sparkle dog. it was so ridiculous i lost it completely. i would have take a pic of that too if i wasn't so busy laughing and petting the sparkle off him.

it was awesome. dirty hands are awesome.

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