2012 dirty dozen: meet db's future socks

db's sock

i love how everything in knitting is considerably easier to execute than it initially looks.

so, i decided one of the dirty doz should be a pair of socks because i've never knit a pair and at this point that just seemed ridiculous. i went on a yarn buying adventure with my mom and nabbed the most insane but still man colored sock yarn i could find (which ended up being malabrigo sock in caribeno) to knit some up for db. he's so hard to make things for! all he wants are hats and now he has too many. so of course he was like "when do you even wear hand knit socks?" "whenever you want, now pick out a pattern, damnit!" and he chose harvest dew. of course. i've never knit socks before and he picks a pair with a horrifying chart and four pages of directions. well besides starting them on two circular needles which it turns out i completely hate, there's been nothing to fear so far. i finally switched over to my fancy new blue sky alpacas needles which rock so all is well.

we'll see how it goes when i get to the heel...

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