2012 dirty dozen: wiksten


today my Wiksten tank and dress pattern arrived! when i first saw a tank made with this pattern i knew it would have to be one of my dirty dozen knitting/sewing projects of 2012. it would have been impossible to resist so i nabbed the pattern as soon as Jenny restocked, then, i literally went over and stared at my fabric stash to pick out what i'd sew up first. cute tank patterns for wovens aren't easy to find! this is SO perfect for my tons of almost too rad to use fabric. now instead of looking at my neatly folded fabric on it's shelf i can look at it in my closet! way better. i'm totally going to make the dress too, but one step at a time. so far i'm doing pretty well on my 2012 goals, this pattern will help knock out 2 of the 3!

i'm super excited to cut it out, maybe i'll have a chance to work on it on this lovely long weekend.

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