this reminds me of the time i got held up doing something dumb like tying my shoe in nyc and had to run past a box full of antlers as to not lose my friends who had walked ahead. they were $20 a pair! and i'd always wanted a pair of oldies but goodies like that. what a shame :/ if i'd had a $20 in my pocket i would have snapped up a pair and been that girl walking around nyc galleries with antlers the whole day. i can't imagine i was tying my shoe though, was there even a time in my life i wore shoes with laces? this horrifies me, so not current boots or bust laura.

anyways, antlers always make me think of cool weather and wet slippery leaves in the woods. you know, that weird quiet you can only notice in fall because the bustle of summer is over but you're not so full of your own thoughts in winter yet to pay attention to it? i never really realized all the things antlers make me think of until now actually, that makes them even cooler. they're like magical objects from another world.


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