anti-depression cowl

Untitled Let's be honest. The news sucks lately and has for a while. Facebook has become a super depressing place full of people you know all sharing new and horrible headlines in tandem and generally the present and future are more uncertain than usual.

I needed a fucking break.

So I quit Facebook and only check the news twice a day just to save my state of mind. I want to be happy and fun for my lovely baby, not bone-crushingly depressed and horrified at all times. He might not know what's going on but he can feel my vibes and don't try and tell me he can't.

With my newfound free time since it was no longer being wasted on the internet, I bought myself a watch so I could free myself from the tether of my phone (baby schedules) and cast on the brightest, happiest most mindless project in the world. This project.

My life was instantly improved, not even kidding. Plus it turned out so cool! I may just have to make another for myself. Maybe next year I can justify adding yet another cowl into my rotation. Plus double stranding is my current obsession so it was extra fun.

Pattern - my own
Berroco Peruvia Quick - Blanco
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light - Edison Bulb Untitled

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