seti's epic birthday sweater!

My little man is a whole year old. Well over a year at this point, but this was made specially for his first birthday party. I wanted to make a nice, insane, birthday sweater and I'm pretty sure this meets that criteria.

This is the third sweater I've knit up using Purl Soho's Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan pattern because the finished garments are so cute. The first time I knit it I wasn't the biggest fan of the construction but after doing it a few times the pattern really makes a lot of sense. Seti now has one in all three sizes and I'm considering moving up to maybe sport weight or dk to just keep making him more as he outgrows them. I should probably move on to a new pattern for my big boy though :'(

This was definitely a winner. He's worn it to death and it's held up great. Plus it's so fun and silly people always comment on it. Party time!

Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan by PurlSoho
Madelinetosh Tosh Sock - Electric Rainbow and Edison Bulb Untitled

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