stash, be my bitch! baby sweater victory.

Bug warmer This project feels like it barely counts as something I made because of how accidental the whole process of its creation was. Just scrolling through my friends page on ravelry I saw the pattern, looked at the yarn requirements, walked downstairs to my stash and nabbed some leftovers to make it with and then cast it on within 20 minutes. It worked up so fast it was practically done before I even realized it. Four days of barely working on it! Baby clothes are great for that sort of thing. I guess that's what happens when you have a momentarily empty yarn bowl and a fairly extensive stash.

The idea of a short sleeved sweater seemed pretty smart to me because then maybe it will stay out of the way of drool a little longer? I don't know, maybe babies are messier than that… I guess we'll find out. It seems like a good layering piece and it took like five damn seconds to make and zero dollars of new supplies so it's a win win. Something from nothing! My fave. Plus it's not really ugly so there's that, too.

Bug Warmer by Tiaga Hillard Designs
Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky in Holi Festival Bug warmer

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