So, big news… we bought a house! Right after we stopped looking for the season, Uzo begged for a walk and I saw the sign on this beaut right across from the park and community garden the day it went up! Every time Db or I see a new for sale sign go up in our neighborhood we take note and look it up together because it's fun to see inside all the local houses and even more fun to laugh at how absurd the prices are around here. Like $799k for a totally run down fixer upper? 1.25m for an ugly as hell and poorly laid out new condo? HA. So yeah, usually it's just entertainment.

Well not this time! This time when we looked it up not only was it a lot less expensive than most other homes in our area, but it has a big yard, the inside is actually done mostly nice and doesn't need very much major work, and the location is IDEAL. Like what? Then, by chance yet again, Uzo wanted another walk and it happened to be during the open house for it that weekend (mere hours after looking it up on Zillow) and I practically dragged Db inside to investigate. Good fucking call, because now we have a house! The whole situation kind of reminds me of how I convinced Db to get Uzo. Like there's no right time for this, but HE'S THE ONE! He chose us, and now he chose our damn house too. Smart dog went and got himself a yard.

It rules. We love it. So thanks to Uzo's very well timed walk begging, all of us get to live in a totally rad little home in the city. So excited to make it ours :)

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  1. YAY!!! Nice work, Uzo! I'm so happy for you guys. I hope you love it there and I look forward to pictures, pictures, pictures. Congratulations. :)