dirty doz: something sewn (with a pompom for good measure)

Wool bonnet Right when I decide I'm no sewer, I sew something.

I'm going to be totally honest about this one, I discovered a brand of bonnets on my instagram popular page, fell in love, then did my best to recreate it. When I saw it I was like, I can make that! I have more fabric stash and time than bonnet money and went on the hunt for a pattern. Lo and behold, Purl Bee had a free pdf template for a sunbonnet. So with some printing, stash digging and the mandatory heavy modifications I always seem to make this bonnet was born. Cost? $0. The lining is scraps of my favorite fabric ever Mum Toss by Martha Negley, which I ration almost to a fault, the outer is an undyed wool from Dorr Woolen Mills and the pompom was leftovers from a cowl I made for a friend. Not sure how practical a huge pompom on a baby's head will be but it'll be easy enough to cut off if it's really in the way. It's just so damn cute I couldn't help myself. I was vacillating between this size pom and the size smaller and was like "Fuck it!!! Babies are supposed to look ridiculous!"

This was an incredibly easy project. I knocked it out in one afternoon, even with all the winging it and making bias tape freehand. I just hope it fits!

And to give credit where credit is due, if you simply must have a super cute bonnet like this but can't sew (or just don't want to), the company that makes the inspiring bonnet is Briar Handmade. I'm seriously considering nabbing one of the Winter Floral ones because it is so unbelievably adorable.

Sewing isn't that bad!

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  1. I want to make this for *my* baby!! It's just that cute... the giant pompom makes me think of a giant cupcake. How hard was it to manipulate the PS pattern?