knittannggggg! Jo's new cowl

My friend Jo from back home always has to have a warm cowl situation because "back home" is colder than "a witch's tit" as my Grandpa would say. Stupid winter. It's the least I can do, we ran around year round in tights when we'd go out so we appreciate some good wool wear. She shares her wine knowledge with me, I share my knit skills with her… I think I'm on the better end of this deal but I do what I can! Anyways, new year, new coat, new cowl.

This was my mindless knitting for when I could actually deal with knitting for a few rows. It's easy, I could put it down and never forget my place because the entire thing is the same and it's bulky so it looks like you're getting a lot done in very little time. Perfect project for when you suck at life. I felt so victorious when I finished it. Normally I can bang one of these out in a day or two and this one took me almost 3 months!!! I finally got around to taking pics of it a few weeks ago which was comically hard to remember to do. In my defense, who thinks about wearing wool accessories when it's 90ºF+ out?

Malabrigo Chunky Merino - Marine
Pattern my own

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