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Much to my own amusement, I knit this. I really wanted a reason to use this color and this pattern looked semi-ridiculous so I went for it. It isn't the most flattering thing, but it's perfect for layering under a cardigan to throwing on just so I don't wear my "cat woman outfit" every single day. It's hard to dress in anything other than black on black on black when you dye fabric all the time, it's the only color I can't ruin with dye, so this is an entertaining way to stay warm and sort of shake it up. It's a shame this is the only project on Ravelry besides the pattern example, it's a fun garment! I'm surprised no one else has made one yet.

Overall I like the result. I made it a little narrower, which I now regret because it's in the "not loose, not tight" fit zone, but whatevs. I also lengthened the straps considerably because I couldn't close the button around my neck when I followed the directions… not really sure how that happened. It was an easy fix though. I really liked the springiness of the Quince and Co. Finch, it feels really sturdy. I bet it would make for fantastic gloves. The button is from the most overpriced vintage store I've ever been to in my life. It still baffles Db and I how a miserable town like Sheffield, England can be such an expensive place to exist! If I'm going to spend tons of money on shitty quality produce and old buttons it better be somewhere awesome. The button is supposedly from an old shoe which is cool. Mostly I bought it to remember what wandering the streets of England in pissing rain was like. SUCCESS. Honestly though, I really enjoy crafting because when I wear or see the finished product I can instantly remember where I was at in life when making it. Do sweaters and socks and blankets do that for anyone else?

Aproned Tank by Hannah Fettig


  1. You have the best style, I love it. I wish I had you as my personal stylist. :) (in the most non-creepy way of course)

    1. Haha! Thanks! It's amazing what the perfect pair of huge hoops can do...