dirty doz '14: WELT POCKETS

Untitled Denim vests. They're fun and stupid and one of those things I've always wanted because they're fun and stupid. So I finally caved and got one only to realize when it arrived that 1- the color was way too matchy with my jeans and 2- IT HAD NO POCKETS. Seriously, a dress without pockets I can forgive, but a denim vest? No. So its transformation began. I bleached it along with some jeans legs a friend gave me when he made some shorts and I decided to try to put some pockets in it myself. I knew there was a good chance of failure but hey, I wasn't going to wear the thing WITHOUT pockets so what was there to lose?

My Grandma used to always tell me she was going to teach me how to sew bound buttonholes. She didn't realize this, but I practically saw that as a threat, bound buttonholes along with welt pockets were black magic as far as I was concerned. They terrified me and I swore I would only use zippers and/or hooks and eyes for my entire life. I managed to always avoid learning them which I now kind of regret because she was really good at teaching me things like that, but I think I've done her proud anyways by learning how to sew single welt pockets which share the terrifying construction part of bound buttonholes.

Thank you internet. Online sewing and knitting tutorials have made me a more functional human being.

I am so excited about how this thing turned out! Now I can stick my hands/poop bags/wads and wads of cash/nail polish in my lovely little pockets. Throw some strawberry fabric accents and neon green contrast stitching on top of it all and how can you lose?  Untitled
I used this tutorial for the pockets, which I totally recommend, I didn't swear while sewing them once (sewing+me=swearing). I also used a tutorial about bleaching denim -which I clearly ignored- so just mix a 1 to 1 of bleach and water and take your denim out before you think you need to and it won't look like mine. This denim vest is every bit as fun and stupid as I had hoped it would be. Strawberries, how very not punk. Awesomeness level achieved.

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