dirty doz '14: baby socks!

Untitled So, I have officially reached that point in my life that friends are having babies on purpose and are happy about it. After my experience in high school, which was notorious for having the most knocked up bitches in the state year after year, I was inadvertently convinced no one should ever be happy about being pregnant. "Don't hold the baby! You'll catch BABY FEVER!" The friend these are for missed out on all that fun being from another part of the country altogether, but she got to hear some stories. It also seemed fitting to take pics of her babe's socks with some of the fun things I have around the house that are from our random adventures, vintage puzzles and bachelorette party swag!

Now for the socks! These crazy things work up so, so quick. Three days of non-crazed knitting and they were done. I had some of this most lovely of gender neutral colors, Edison Bulb, leftover from my first ever lace project a few years ago and it seemed like the most perfect and hilarious color to use. The pattern itself was kind of weird though. The heel and toe directions were overly number-y and made for a loose row along either side of the turn so I just frogged it back and used the short row heel and toe I usually use. All in all not a bad entry into the world of baby garments… which surely I'm now bound to be in until the bitter end. As long as I have friends that are cool enough to be excited for bizarre neon knit goods it's fine by me!

Garter Stripe Baby Socks by Jennifer Hoel
Madelinetosh Tosh Sock - Edison Bulb

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