i'm back!

Untitled After a long break full of adventure, treachery and all the holidays, I'm back.

I've been blogging all along but just not for myself, I guess there's only so much time I can spend playing on a computer any given week. I've been doing the blogging and some social media for the bike shop I work at and it's been really fun. Setting up my little photoshoot area and blogging only about things I actually like. If you want to check it out it's here (I don't know how to filter for just the one's I've written, sorry). I came up with the Stuff We Love (the one I linked to is about my fab R.E.Load backpack pictured up top) and Gift Guide series, and also made a shop Twitter. So far a mere 39 followers but hey, that's 39 more than we had before! Plus it's fun tweeting the pics I take for the blog and random riding adventures. I'm hoping to get my fellow shop employees into it so it's like a "shop staff" Twitter but so far it's still mostly me.

Anyways, that and a bit of knitting, a bit of painting, a bit of dyeing and a massive amount of bike adventure is what I've been up to for the past two months. Currently working up a 2013 year in crafting recap post for you and goals for 2014. I want to learn to do a handstand this year, go big or go home! I hope you guys all had a rad holiday season and have as much fun waving bye to 2013 as I will tonight.

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