mountain bike nationals

mountain bike season is over which is a bummer, but this past weekend db, uzo and i went to bear creek resort for the mountain bike national championships!

when db realized it was only about an hour and half from philly we were all in. honestly, it was awesome. it was so INSANELY hot that at first we thought we might have to leave because uzo would cook to death, but as soon as we got into the woods it was perfect. we climbed up the side of the mountain (which was fairly steep because it's a ski resort) along the trail for about 15 minutes and got to the lone wolf cycling heckle pit aka awesome screaming party in the woods where everyone was having an awesome time. it was right along a super technical part of the course so we'd cheer for people that were tearing up some crazy rocky trail while drinking beer and talking about various bike related topics. it was basically a party for sweaty, drunk bike geeks in the woods, so... it was great.

on the way home we finally got to go to vegan treats! seriously the best desserts i've had since moving here. i should've taken some pictures because they were pretty but we just ate it in the car in a downpour under a tree in a random neighborhood. we got donuts which were definitely the best donuts i have ever had. boston cream, triple chocolate, blueberry and mint chocolate. holy crap, so so good. i'm going to buy a donut pan and try making vegan donuts myself. heart shapes!

bikes, beer, the woods and vegan donuts. perfect combination.

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