baker's doz: there are many other things i should be doing right now...

so, i wrote this list of projects i want to complete this year, when they're allowed to be started (either date or relative to other projects' progress) and whether or not i have all the supplies ready and waiting. sounds like a great idea right? it worked really well at first, but all good things must end. plus it's no fun if it's not rebellion, even if it's rebellion against my own past planning.

the downfall of all project organization happened because as a quite late birthday gift db ordered me a pair of monogrammed signature needle arts needles in the size he knew i wanted! he didn't wrap them and present them in a normal way though, he told me to "check on my yarn because he saw a weird creature this morning". i went hunting thinking there was a demon moth trying to wreck what's left of my good yarn but instead saw these needles jammed in a ball of yarn. way better than a moth! they look like mini rocket ships, i was so excited i cast on the boxy sweater i had planned as my casual over the summer knitting/carrot i was dangling in front of myself to finish a few less exciting projects right then. i literally sat down and cast on within 5 minutes. apparently i save my willpower for cheese exclusively.

so to the project. it's going to be the super fabulous pullover, boxy! i had myself on Joji's message list for when the pattern got released but couldn't find the tomato madtosh i wanted to make it with, so it just got put it on the back burner until i'd have the yarn and time (ha). when madelintosh announced the colors they were discontinuing for 2013 and grapefruit was one of them, i went online and bought the last 3 skeins eat.sleep.knit had. voila! an amazing, cozy sweater in my fave yarn of all time. that worked out well right? now to ration working on it so i get something more timely done.

i have too many awesome things to work on and do, but as my grandma says "idle hands, devil's workshop!" so something along those lines just might be what db had monogrammed on my needles...


  1. Great color ! I'd like a Boxy too (or a Relax ?) I thought about knitting it in an alpaca blend, to get a great drape...

    I said early, "one project at a time, for well-reasoned knitting". Until I saw your Anteros, until the almost-done sweater of my man turned so-ugly-that-i-had-to-unravel- and-cast-on-a-new-one... It's not rebellion, it's juste fatality :D :D

    Have a nice day ;)

    1. ha! so true! it's impossible to stick to plans for one reason or another, at least we're working on things we like :) i always have two projects on the needles in case something goes terribly wrong so there's always something good going on. and i bet an alpaca blend would be amazing, it's so floppy and soft. i hope your new sweater turns out well!

  2. Thinking about ordering myself some signature convertibles after seeing how awesome yours look and watching reviews online! I think I'll start with US 5 & US 7 with a stiletto point. I can't decide what length of cable though! Thinking at 40" should be good for lots of projects..