greebrier mountain bike adventure

our view
last weekend we went to greenbrier state park in maryland for a mountain bike race db rode. the weather was absolutely perfect and the drive was pretty cool. this place was three hours from philly and on the way we drove by baltimore which was way way smaller than we were both expecting, got to see some intense hill/mini-mountain landscapes that were different from anything we'd ever seen before and and saw an entrance to the appalachian trail.

there were so many people racing and uzo and i got an epic spot on a hill to watch and chill in the sun while db was shredding. this was his first race in a higher cat and he was really happy with how he did. i saw him ride by all three laps and managed to time it well enough that a victory picture of him crossing the line (leaving his competition in the dust) was procured...win!
stomp that shit! anyways, i was really hoping he'd do something stupid like mark cavendish while crossing the line so i could have told everyone about it, but he's either too smart or too sad and lame to have thought about it... or maybe he was just thinking about the taco truck at the end of the tunnel. there's always next week right?

after he blasted by me and my ears recovered from the sonic boom, i wandered over and found him in all his muddy white jersey-ed glory complete with mud in his mouth which he didn't know about. pretty fucking hilarious. bikes are fun.
sweet victory

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