blanket LOVE

a few weeks ago a package the size of a copy paper box arrived at our door. now surprise packages are always fun to begin with, but when the return address happens to be one of your crafty, awesome cousins it's probably even more awesome than usual. when db got home i yelled down to him "hi! we got a package from Alice AND WE HAVE TO OPEN IT RIGHT NOW!!!" ...imagine that as all one word and that's probably what it sounded like.

so we did, and out came this raddest of rad blanket! Alice made it for us for an apartment warming gift and it's not only warming our apartment, it's making it look far more homey-fabulous as well. the colors are so bright and awesome and it's huge. i've taken like 50 pictures of it all straight and neat on the bed but i like this one the best. uzo loves it and makes nests for himself in it as soon as i make the bed everyday. it's really cute but also makes me ask myself why i bother making the bed in the first place if it stays looking good for 30 seconds, it's way too adorable to get upset about though. anyways, i like this best because it's the blanket in its natural habitat; kinda crumpled, under a cute dog and glowing from reflected light coming in our windows. Alice said she wanted to make it free form and it came out like this organically. she was always working with a color she felt like working with, pretty cool right? i love how the stripes are all different, totally my jam. it is awesome. i'm always so impressed with people that can make blankets, blankets are so big! and they're always perfect, too. i just knit sweaters and that's a kinda big deal sometimes. mind? blown. along with the blanket she sent a funny card with pictures of her new yarn obsessed cat supervising its creation in various stages, it's pretty hilarious.

so how lucky are we?! what a crazy and amazing surprise! thanks Alice!!!

here's the ravelry link if you want to check it out, cat pictures included :)


  1. Uzo is incredibly cute! I love this picture. :)

    Blankets are easy, flat and uncomplicated. Now sweaters ... those are impressive. (Funny how the thing you don't know how to do is always more impressive than that which you do know how to do.)

    I'm glad you guys are happy with it. Thanks for sharing this story. It makes me smile.

  2. What a great picture (and blanket)!

    1. thanks! both were pretty awesome looking to begin with so taking a cute picture was pretty easy :)