look up.

you go girl!
some of my favorite local building's aesthetic upgrades. i like to pretend it's talking directly to me... sometimes it is.

i look up a lot walking around this city. i don't care if people think i'm a tourist because i'm so in awe of all the beautiful things going on. i'd rather people think i'm just visiting when they see me smiling noticing fun graffiti, a cool building's architectural details or how cool it looks when rust runs down concrete, than to walk around looking straight ahead missing everything like everyone else i see. i'm never in that big of a hurry to get my sandwich, bike tube, sewing needles. i like participating in my surroundings, when other people leave their traces around i like taking note. isn't our entire world at this point just a series of interactions? interactions with each other, with the environment, with materials. we are living in a world of results, but none of them are end results. isn't that cool to think about?


  1. That is totally cool to think about. Where I work the stairs open all the way to the 5th floor where there is a huge sky light and I think 90% of the people who work there don't even know it is there. Cool graffiti.

    1. isn't that funny? things in plain view can still be your secret if you take the time to find them, it's awesome.