mt. chocorua

the summit
i realized yesterday that i never posted about the most epic adventure of the year! when db and i went up north for the holidays, we and my brother drove to the white mountains in new hampshire and climbed mt. chocorua on december 23rd!

it was awesome. it's 3,487', pretty tall right? don't ask me why i only find myself on top of mountains wearing spikes and trudging through snow. maybe nice weather would make it boring? we lucked out so huge with the weather though, apparently earlier in the day the summit was ridiculously windy and some people who had turned back tried to scare us off on their hike back down. ha! yeah, sounds terrible. don't mind us while we ignore your advice and see for ourselves. we're not sure if they were just wimpy or the weather really was that terrible an hour before, but we're happy we went up anyways.

total ridiculousness, it was like another planet. i'd never seen rime ice before so i took like 30 pics of a rime covered tree only to walk another 30 feet and see a forest of them. it was so cool. SO DAMN COOL.

so the top pic is my standard proof we've been somewhere feet/view pic of db, me and eric at the summit. below is the summit from right above tree line, there's nothing to scale it but it it way bigger than it looks, a forest of sparkly rime covered trees and eric looking like he may as well be on top of mt everest.

we so earned our mac and cheese pizza that day, it was badass.
mt chocorua rime eric

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